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Foto eines RichtungsweisersDid you ever think about hiring an influencer? Influencers are the new, effective channel to reach your target group with a high involvement. And when we talk about influencers, we don’t talk about pictures published on Instagram, but about real influence: getting blog readers to really interact with your brand and internalize your topic.

Why travel blogger make sense

If you want to tell your story, you need to reach the right people to pay attention to it. You don’t want a simple like, you want to get the undivided attention of the reader for more than a few seconds. Bloggers provide this access to the reader. The average travel blogger captures the reader for about 2:30 minutes, some even reach 6 minutes. Thats much more than you get from any Instagramer.

And not only stay the potential costumers longer on a blog, but they are also more attached to it. Many of the readers are returning visitors that are already familiar with the blog and are more succeptable of your message.

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Wordpress-Logos auf ButtonsThe German Market

The German market is the biggest market in Europe with 100 Million native German speakers and a huge amount of outgoing travellers. A great opportunity for everyone who wants to adress a travel hungry and wealthy population. Germans pay over 30 billion Euro for travelling per year. In 2016, Germans had over 5,400 overnight stays per 1,000 inhabitants. This was the highest number ever.

Travel bloggerArgos Travel Blogger Network manages a network of more than 500 travel blogger with about 5 million page views per month and 3 million followers on the social networks with a high interest for travel products. With this audience, we can deliver your message to an open and interested target group.

We provide you with a multitude of different advertizing opportunities. Use the reach of our bloggers for the success of your campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Travel blogger fotoOur Offer

Whether you want to get reviews for your site or product or you are more interested in sponsored posts, native or banner advertising – we can provide you with a wide range of ad possibilities. Also creating content for your corporate blog or organising a blogger trip to your destination is possible. Lets find the right solution for your needs together.

We´ll love to help you concepting your own influencer campaign. Use the power of the reach of our network to sell more.


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